Welcome to Believe in Hull

"Communities of Culture is an ecumenical project to share our God given creativity with each other, in our communities, during Hull’s 2017 City of Culture year. Churches are the only places that can truly help their communities to engage with 2017. Collectively we have passion, buildings and resources in every community in the city, so we are ideally placed to help develop and create new Communities of Culture.

Why Communities of Culture? We want to see not just a City of Culture but Communities of Culture. Culture isn’t just for people who go the Ferens gallery or the Guildhall. We want all churches to bring out the culture of their communities and celebrate what’s wonderful about them.

Helping people flourish where they are living is exactly what churches are all about. Jesus says about himself in John’s Gospel, ‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly’. In Hull in 2017, we have a unique opportunity to help people engage in an abundant life. Let’s get started.”

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